A ‘dorpsquiz’ (Or ‘village quiz’) is a typical Dutch phenomenon in which an entire village battles over a yearly title.

The concept: At the beginning of the evening a book with hundreds of questions is retrieved at a central point in the village. The book is then taken home where the entire team (15-20 people) resides.

You now have 4 hours of time to answer as many questions as possible and complete several assignments all over the village before you return the book before the deadline.

And everything is allowed to solve the questions: Googling, Wikipedia, calling friends etc.

I like to automate everything in my life, so I’ve created an application called KwisBaas which helps you streamline every task you could think of during a dorpsquiz: Progress boards, reverse image search, WhatsApp integration: You name it. It doesn’t solve anything for you, but it helps your team on their way.

I’ve then turned this application into a SaaS version. Free to try during normale hours. Subscription based during quiz hours 😉


An application helping you out with your 'Dorpsquiz'