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Senior Coldfusion, SQL, NodeJS and Mobile developer

Wijzorg (Aan Zee)

  • Sep 05 / 2013
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Wijzorg (Aan Zee)

Wijzorg (Aan Zee)

Company: Wijzorg
URL: http://www.wijzorg.nl
While working for:  Aan Zee Interactive


Wijzorg is a platform where people that require social aid and people who offer social aid can get in contact with each other. They can register, negotiate and make payments. The system keeps track of all negotiations, generates PDF invoices, contracts and files for financial transactions.

During a series of very fun & intensive SCRUM sprints I’ve developed the backend of this system. It is completely scalable by making use of Amazon AWS and makes extensive use of websockets to speed up the negotiation process.


  • Railo 4.1
  • MS SQL (Amazon RDS)
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SNS
  • Apache Solr
  • JWebsockets

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