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Senior Coldfusion, SQL, NodeJS and Mobile developer

NS AVG (Korton Internet)

  • Sep 05 / 2013
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NS AVG (Korton Internet)

NS AVG (Korton Internet)

Company: De Nederlandse Spoorwegen
URL http://avg.ns.nl
While working for: Korton Internet


NS AVG is a system which disabled people can use to plan their trip using the Dutch railroad system.

Some disabled people cannot make the same transfers that other travellers can. Elevators or long distances by wheelchair lead to increased transfer times. The normal travel planner didn’t accomodate these travellers.

I’ve developed a ‘delayed’ travel planner around the standard planner which increases transfer times and takes things like elevators into account. This way the disabled traveler gets a more realistic travel advice.

After the travel advice is given, the user can book the trip. The NS AVG system automatically contacts the staff present on the stations (Using SOAP or fax) to notify them that they have to assist the person around a certain time.


  • ColdFusion 8 (Clustered)
  • MS SQL

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