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Rick Groenewegen · Senior Coldfusion, SQL, NodeJS and Mobile developer

Senior Coldfusion, SQL, NodeJS and Mobile developer

Hi there!

  • Sep 05 / 2013
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Hi there!

Hi there, and welcome to my blog. I’ve been on the web since 1996, and decided that after 16 years it was time to start my first blog. Also: My colleagues at Aan Zee communicatie keep writing these great blogs, so I couldn’t stay behind 😉

I’ll use my blog to write about all the cool technologies I come across, and how I implemented them in my daily projects.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. Jamie Martin

    You can also convert a List or Array to a Struct in CF and since Structs can’t have duplicate keys (they are just over written), when you convert it back all the duplicates are gone.


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